Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Conquest of Spain by the Moorish Empire Essay

The Conquest of Spain by the Moorish Empire - Essay Example Moors’ conquest of Spain allowed the community access to the region that had different religious and cultural practices and a transformation of culture in Spain, through assimilation of Moor’s practices and through negative response to some of the immigrants’ values, especially after recapture of Spanish territory from the Moors. The conquest of Spain, owing to the advanced level of Islamic civilization, changed the social environment in Spain. Core to the civilization was health care services and facilities that benefited Spain. Induced civilization in Spain, resulting from the conquest was development in science as well as in technology, knowledge that transformed people’s lives in Spain and extended to the rest of Europe. Establishment of learning institutions and centers such as the city of Cordoba in Spain is an example of significance of civilization that the conquest had for Europe. Development of learning institutions and significance of learning i n the entire globe further identifies global civilization that could be attributed to the Moors’ empire, its associated Islamic culture, and the conquest of Spain (McCannon 133). Moore further explains the effects of the conquest on cultural and religious practices of Europeans. Even though the Islamic religion was widely denounced in the region, it remained significant and British scholars dedicated significant time studying it. Response to other aspects of Moorish culture among Europeans also suggests possible assimilation of the Islamic religion despite the negative attitude that Europeans had. This is because even though the European fought the Moorish empire to its decline, the kingdom’s inversion established a renaissance in the region.

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